Book Training Hiit

HiiT: High Intensity Interval Training


Training HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training.

The HiiT (high intensity interval training) in its aerobic aspect, which is how it is approached in this book, constitutes a classic sports training modality that has become popular in recent years in amateur athletes, in the area of Fitness and in the clinic.

In this book we have tried to show the physiological bases of this training modality considering the most genuine aspects of HIIT, addressing the methodological aspects that allow its design, as well as the most relevant responses and adaptations that are associated with this training modality.


  • Introduction
  • Physiological bases of HiiT
  • Methodological aspects of high intensity aerobic interval training (HiiT)
  • HiiT dysiological responses and adaptations
  • Applications in clinic and health promotion
    Scientific evidence and HiiT
  • HiiT in 1500m elite athletes
  • HiiT and molecular signaling pathways
  • Bibliography


We brought together the best of the best to create this book!

José López Chicharro

José López Chicharro

Doctor of Medicine and Surgery from the Complutense University of Madrid

Davinia Vicente Campos

Davinia Vicente Campos

Doctor in Physical Activity and Health, Complutense University of Madrid

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