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Exercise, Physiology and Training

For years we have been striving to publish quality, rigorous and updated scientific content related to the clinical physiology of exercise.

Every day we put at your disposal specialized training, scientific articles, comments, opinions, forums, videos, etc …

From our online training platform, we offer you up-to-date training, with eLearning courses, Webinars, Workshops and conferences led by Dr. José López Chicharro as well as the most prestigious researchers, professionals and teachers of the academic field and professional sectors.

We are a group of trainers, technicians and trainers who seek and disseminate quality, rigorous and updated scientific content.

We offer you up-to-date training on new technologies in sports training, exercise physiology, sports nutrition, performance, etc …, through online training, webinar, seminars, etc …

Your HIIT Course Instructors

We brought together the best of the best to create this course!

José López Chicharro

José López Chicharro

Doctor of Medicine and Surgery from the Complutense University of Madrid

Jose Antonio López Calbet

José A. López Calbet

Doctor in Physiology and Educational Sciences.

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